I think there are a lot of explanations for this. Today there was an interesting article on birth rates in Montana, and it's not surprising. People just don't want to have children anymore. Last year, Montana had more deaths than births. There were 11,174 babies born, while we recorded 11,665 deaths. There are a lot of factors to consider here, including the fact that many baby boomers are reaching the stage that brings them to the end of their life cycle. That trend will probably continue for another 25 years or so. People's life choices are also contributing to higher death rates. For people over 45, the number one and two causes of death in Montana are heart disease and cancer, many of which were brought on by personal decisions.

The birth rate issue is understandable with the mindset of many Gen-Xers and Gen-Zers. Many now want to enjoy life or their spoils and don't want to be tied down with children. I can respect that. In fact, I much appreciate those who know they wouldn't be good parents or might even neglect the needs of their children because of their priorities. There are so many parents out there, and we all know some who really should never have had children. Children mean commitment and sacrifice, and if you're not willing to be 100% in, then don't have them.

The health of today's society is also leading to more fertility problems, which is a whole other issue. I'll never regret for one minute having four, and it was worth every sacrifice ever made.

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