Camping in Montana - Two of The Most Dangerous Places

There is a point in most people's lives when they mature of tempting fate.  I know that there are certain things that I have decided to not pursue as I have aged.  Crazy things like innertube riding behind the boat at 30mph+.  You know, dangerous things.


But never once did it cross my mind that one of those fun things that I have always enjoyed would be considered "dangerous".  But apparently, camping in Montana can be dangerous.  Who knew?!

We Are Just Raised Differently Here in Montana

As a native Montanan, I feel that I am pretty capable heading to my favorite campground for a weekend of fun.  But according to The Kanso, I am ill prepared to face what comes our way in two of our national parks located within our borders.

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Very first on the list is Glacier National Park.  Described as "home to a significant population of grizzly bears and mountain lions, posing a substantial risk to campers. The unpredictable weather, including sudden snowstorms and high winds, adds another layer of danger. Campers must adhere to strict food storage regulations, carry bear spray, and be prepared for rapid weather changes."


Just A Slice of This in Montana, But It Still Counts!

Second on the list was of course the other major national park with a small piece located just inside of Montana.  Yellowstone National Park also made the list of most dangerous.


Bears also play a part in this being described as dangerous, but other items hit the list also:  "The park’s geothermal features can cause severe burns, and the unpredictable bison and grizzly bear population poses a constant threat. Additionally, the high altitude can lead to altitude sickness."

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Do you think these are the most dangerous parks in Montana?  Can you name more that tourists should be aware of?  Let us know through the app chat feature or email me here.

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