You could tell that what I said to Chuck Schumer REALLY got under his skin. You could tell how close he and Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) really are. These two are attached to the hip.

I was sitting down drinking a cup of coffee and talking to my cousin while we waited to board our flight back to Montana from Washington, DC. That's when Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) walked off the plane along with his entourage. I looked over and saw him at the last minute and told him- "Hey Chuck, we're gonna beat Jon Tester in Montana this year."

I wish I had recorded video so you could have seen the look on his face. I never stood up and just sat there drinking my coffee as Schumer walked away and yelled back at me. "You've got a crazy candidate in Montana." I shouted back, "he's a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Navy SEAL veteran you crook!" Or something like that. My cousin got quite the kick out of the whole back and forth. He'd never even been east of Rapid City before.

Why would Schumer be so sensitive about the Tester race in Montana? The numbers after last Tuesday's primary in Montana are VERY bad for Tester, Schumer, and the Democrats. Think about all the money Schumer has poured into Montana, and it's not working.

Listen to the below podcast from last week as I shared some incredible numbers from the great Montana pollster and political analyst Evan Wilson.

Below that, I included a writeup from Greg Franks also weighing in on the numbers.

Is Montana predicting a Landslide Victory for Trump?

by Greg Franks

Will Montana’s June 4th primary be an indicator for the 2024 election?  Most people across the nation think of Montana through the show or national park Yellowstone. Some may think of it as covered wagons and cowboys. But few think of Montana as an indicator for where the 2024 election may be headed.

Montana is the epicenter of national politics in 2024 with the US Senate race looking to unseat three term US Senator Jon Tester and the possible control of the upper chamber.

The primary vote has now squarely placed Navy SEAL Veteran and successful entrepreneur Tim Sheehy as Tester's general election challenger. Sheehy easily won a three way primary with 74% of the vote. Jon Tester won his two way primary with 97% of the vote.

There has already been tens of millions of dollars spent on this race. Montana voters are being inundated with television, internet and print advertising.  You are not able to watch one second of YouTube without a ten to one ratio of Pro-Tester or Anti-Tim Sheehy ads to one pro Sheehy ad.  But the onslaught of these ads is having little effect on Montana voters.

Tuesday’s primary vote shows that this race isn’t even close. The Republican side of the primary had almost double that of the Democrats. According to the Montana Secretary of States website, the GOP vote totals were 187,695. The democrats vote count was 106,551. Tim Sheehy collected 138,202 votes to Jon Testers 103,341. Or 47% to 35%. With numbers like these one has to ask the question, how much longer is the DC and the liberal out of state special interest money going to stay in this race? Politics is no different from any other investment. People are going to want a return on their money. At what point are 'they' going to reassess the dollars being spent in this race?

With the New York hush money verdict last week the Trump campaign collected over $300M in a matter of a few days. Polling shows the Trump support is surging not only in Red States like Montana but also in ‘Very’ Blue States like New York. It is even speculated that Trump may pick NY Congressman Lee Zeldin who barely lost last cycle by five points in his run for New York Governor in a state that favors democrats by 18 percentage points.

If the Trump momentum is for real we may see safe Democrat seats moving into the vulnerable categories and force the Democrat Senatorial Committee and outside liberal special interest to pull their funding from Montana and invest it to secure seats that were safely democrats.

Time will only tell how this is going to pan out, but the ads in Montana are continuing to get more desperate and clinging onto outlandish slanderous assaults on Tim Sheehy’s character. Montanans are not stupid and do not like being told what to do and are not easily influenced by outside groups. But if we see a funding pullback in this race it is a sure sign of big things to happen nationally for Trump and the GOP.

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